As these photos clearly depict, we go to great lengths to ensure that the preparation of vehicles is high on the list of quality services we provide.

Here we show an Iveco 330-25 Dump Truck following paint preparation having received it's base primer coat of paint.

This comes after the vehicle has gone through a comprehensive sanding down program to get rid of surface rust and debris.
The vehicles then go through a stage of masking where all items that are not to be painted are covered with paper and tape including, tyres, lights, glass etc. etc.

Then the fun begins with high quality base primer being applied to seal and protect the metals of the vehicle before finally applying the customer approved topcoat colour.
Customers have a choice of the Basic (Included in price) Single Pack or optional two pack finish which does take that little bit longer to prepare and paint and for which we have to charge a supplement.

Choice of colour preference is dictated by the customer and usually is accompanied by a RAL colour code.
As you can see from this example, the machine has come out of the paint shop in a brand new stunning yellow coat of paint.

Customers can of course choose any single colour they prefer to suit either a personal preference or a corporate colour scheme.

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